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Greg Roworth

About Greg Roworth

Greg Roworth is Australia’s #1 business growth strategist for owners of professional service firms.  Greg has started, grown and sold five businesses of his own, as well as having worked with hundreds of small business owners helping them break through growth barriers to create businesses that work, instead of the owners having to make them work.

Greg has been supporting and consulting business owners now for more than 20 years with businesses in multiple locations through Australia and New Zealand.  During that time, Greg was recruited by one of the Big 4 accountancy firms and helped them develop their growth strategies.  Greg has worked as a CPA and Chartered Accountant and has also been a consultant and mentor to the accountancy profession for over 15 years.  His academic qualifications include a B Business and an MBA, but Greg says his greatest learnings about business come from getting down and dirty from working in the trenches in his first business in the irrigation industry.

Greg has also distilled his knowledge and experience over his 40-year business journey and put that wisdom into three published books and dozens of published articles.  A number of the people who have read Greg’s books have claimed them to be the best books on small business development that they have ever read.

Greg has also created business programs to support growing businesses at each level.  See more details on this website.

Rave Reviews from Delighted Clients

“Our team is nothing but re-energised, refocused. We’re going to grow the
business by 35% so therefore the money is irrelevant, because it adds two to
three hundred thousand dollars to the bottom line, and they’re big numbers.”

— Murray DeansDeans & Associates, Chartered Accountants

“We got added benefits that I didn’t even anticipate through this
process. A much more engaged cohesive team, a very clear idea together of
where we are going, and a much more solid idea of how we are going to get
there. I think we’ve all grown from it. There’s a level of trust through the
whole team that we’ve never had before.”

— Helene Higbee, Higbee-Schaffler

“Greg Roworth has an amazingly big vision, and has acquired an impressive team of consultants to help achieve his goal. I have worked with Greg and his team over the last few years, and love the way they think…such a smart, savvy bunch!”
— Bonnie Power,
Melbourne LinkedIn Trainer, Speaker

“Greg Roworth’s business growth has literally taken flight since I first met him. His accounting and business management experience led the way but it was the values he learned on the ground that taught him what was required to put his business on autopilot. Greg then had ample opportunity to share his wealth of experience and knowledge with others. It’s not too late to be one of those who catch his next scheduled take off. At minimum you will want to get your hands on his book. I’ve read it and highly recommend you do too!”
— Glenn Dietzel,
Mentor to the World’s Highest Paid Business Coaches, Consultants, Experts and Advisors.

“Greg has been able to help us identify and focus on the aspects of our business
that are critical to our survival and growth. Greg quickly came to understand the
very special and unique nature of our work and was able to advise on our strengths
and weaknesses relative to turning our survival mode into a profit mode.”
— Craig Turvey
3D Creative Design & Management